Sunday, 30 August 2015

Ultimate sunday look

shirt/chemise- Ralph Lauren Men 
jeans- FIVE JEANS ( shop X)
trainers/baskets- VANS ( shop X)
bag/sac- CHANEL
pompom blue- VIA CLOUDS ( shop X )

This afternoon my boyfriend and I went for a walk around brick lane as I'm on the hunt for some vintage treasures at the moment for the upcoming fashion weeks.
I have been so lazy lately when it comes to dress up as I am really not in the mood, the weather has been awful and I do not feel inspired at all!! So this morning I jumped into my new FIVE JEANS ripped jeans, my favourite Vans sneakers and my boyfriend Ralph Lauren shirt. With a touch of CHANEL and fur pompom, this is the secret potion for a perfect sunday casual look.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Triple Denim

You all know how much I love a double denim look, I can wear it from Fashion Week to a girl's night out. But today I woke up thinking: " Why not try a Triple Denim look?" so here I am wearing an a-line skirt, patchwork shirt and vintage jacket.
I do not denim shoes for the moment but no worries I will find a pair soon ... be ready for the 4 denim pieces combo!

Vous savez a combien j'adore combiner le jean ton sur ton ce qu'on appelle en anglais "double denim", autant pour la Fashion Week que pour un diner. Mais ce matin je me suis reveillee en me disant pourquoi rajouter une troisieme couche de jean! Donc me voila, avec ma jupe en jean, chemise en jean et ma veste en jean. En veux tu, en voila!
Je n'ai pas encore trouve de chaussures en jean mais ca ne serait tarde ...

Get the denim look:

Friday, 21 August 2015

Shop with Estelle: Monster Bag

You know I always share my shopping tips with you. So many of you asked where I got this Fendi monster bag and if I knew where to shop similar ones and look what I've found at River Island.

Shop your monster bag now:

Thursday, 20 August 2015

My 3 weeks back home- Diary

After my mum passed away, I decided to stay home for 3 weeks, all I needed was to spend time with my dad, sister and of course my little puppy love.
My Sister, who's a journalist ( her website here) had the good idea to go to Arles, where a photography exhibition takes place every summer, have a look here.
It is only 1 hour from my city, Sete, and it is a must visit place! 

I had to take a pictures of those maghrebine pastries that a family friend bring me as this is my favourite thing ever, my mum was always getting me some when I was upset or sad, its like magic you eat one and all your problems goes away..

Everyday, I stop by my favourite boulangerie to get croissant and pain au chocolat before heading to the beach.

My sister made me avocado toast for lunch that I usually eat with Melon. The weather was so hot, that the only thing I could eat!

I love walking around my city, after 25 years there, I always discover the cutest places.

Just being a lizard

Wearing a marin shirt at the Rue Des Marins

My sis and I went to visit a cute village call Pezenas, it is like 20 min from Sete. I love wondering around there, we also decided to bring our little maltese, Edwin, he was so happy to be a tourist with us.

This is my favourite place in the city, if you don't know, you cannot find it.
I go there with my sister for picnics when no one is around, its my little heaven on earth.

Just before I left for France, I bought this super cool Chanel Salzburg bagpack. I never had a green bag as it is not easy to mix but I really do love it

Selfie with my sister for our last dinner before I left :)

Thursday, 13 August 2015

RIP Maman

On the 22 of July, my Mum passed away. 
After battling cancer for 7 long years she is finally in peace and no longer suffering. 
I am trying really hard not to cloister myself or cry all day as she always told me that life goes on and I should not be sad because she is no longer physically with me.

But when I'm by myself and think about the future, I realise she will not be with me at my wedding, at the birth of my children, she won't hold my hand saying that:" everything will be fine, Estelle" , she won't give me advice, she won't be there for Christmas or birthdays, I won't receive anymore selfies of here smiling, she won't tell me off because I smoke too much, she won't be there anymore.

People tell me that the most important thing is what I remember, the happy memories, the photographs but this is not enough I am 25, she was 56, my life just start and I need her now. 

For seven long years I knew it will happen one day, that my dad or sister would call me saying that it is over, I thought I was prepared but no. My whole world collapsed, I can't accept that I will never see her again, talk to her, touch her. It is the worst feeling ever. I feel so empty. 

It sounds very selfish, I only think about how I am suffering, how broken my heart is, how I am going to get trough it but when I remember how she fights for life without complaining one second, pretending everything was fine, throwing away the pain killers not to lose her mind and to enjoy every single moment with us, I can only be proud to be her daughter and I have no other choice than making her proud of me in return.

Maman je t'aime

We played that song at her funerals as she loved it and I feel like it has been written for her ...

Monday, 20 July 2015

Chanel tweed sneakers and checked shirt

OOPS! I dit it again!
I can't resist a cool pair of sneakers especially when it's Chanel, so here we go one more baby to add to the collection! 

Mince! Je l'ai encore fait!
Je ne peux pas resister a une paire de baskets cools surtout si c'est Chanel, donc voila une nouvelle paire qui s'ajoute a la collection!

Get your pair here/ici

Haute Couture Fashion Week- Day 2


jacket/veste- Vintage Levi's ( shop similar X-X)
shorts- Vintage
boots- Missguided ( shop X-X)
bag/sac- Fendi ( shop X)
cap/casquette- H&M ( shop similar X)

Somehow I think I've been inspired by Vivianne from Pretty Woman for the second day of Haute Couture week! The double denim is my favourite combo when I want to be stylish and casual but when it's haute couture you don't want to be too casual so I decided to wear my new Missguided boots to look a bit more dressed up and chic.

Pour ce deuxieme jour de fashion week, je pense avoir ete inspiree par Vivianne dans Pretty Woman!
Le jean ton sur ton est ma combinaison favorite quand je veux etre confortable tout en restant stylee mais lorsque c'est Haute Couture je ne veux pas avoir l'air trop relax donc j'ai rajoute ces superbes bottes Missguided pour ajouter une touche sexy et chic a cette tenue.